Biodynamic Psychotherapy was developed by Gerda Boyesen (1922 - 2005) and as with other forms of Body Psychotherapy it has its roots in the work of Wilhelm Reich.

Biodynamic work addresses the whole person taking into account their physical, mental or emotional needs. We recognise that these needs are often interlinked and therefore working with one element can often benefit the others.

Throughout each session we might use a mixture of the following; talking, movement Vegetotherapy or massage. Choosing the methods will be a collaborative process between the client and the therapist.  It will depend on what comes up through the work and what feels safe at any given moment. Trust and safety are key to this work and although I work in an integrative way, my therapeutic style is centred around a relational model. I take a client led approach with the belief that ‘expertise’ and ‘wisdom’ lie within the client.

Throughout the sessions we will look at your patterns of behaviour and how you have learnt to relate to yourself, your environment and other people. The emotional Vasomotoric Cycle is a term that comes from Biodynamic Psychotherapy. It is closely related to the Reichian concept of pulsation. As we move through the cycle we go through phases of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. Charging, expression, winding down and relaxation. Our ability to complete the cycle without being inhibited by our defences represents healthy self-regulation. We can get stuck at any point in the cycle and if this becomes chronic it can lead to ill health and patterns of behaviour that may be unhelpful for example we may present as over charged or shut down.

Over time our stories manifest themselves in our bodies, Biodynamic work involves unlocking these patterns, bringing them into our awareness so that they can be looked at, understood, integrated, completed, or changed.

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