Biodynamic massage is grounded in an integrated approach to health which recognises the connection between repressed emotions and physical health. It addresses both the body and the mind. It looks at the individual as a whole being within the context of their life and relationships.

Biodynamic Massage is derived from methods used in Norwegian physiotherapy and was developed and brought to the U.K. by Gerda Boyesen, psychologist, physiotherapist and analyst.

The therapist and client work together in an atmosphere of curiosity, awareness and acceptance to invite a natural movement towards health and wholeness. Biodynamic massage rests on the premise that, given the right circumstances, individuals have the capacity to self-heal and to self-regulate.

Biodynamic massage has a variety of techniques to suit individual needs. Each client receives an individually matched massage session and no two sessions will be exactly the same.

In the first session you will be asked to say a little about your life and medical history. All consultations between therapist and client are strictly confidential.

During the massage you can be fully or partly clothed, as you wish. Comfort is paramount and privacy is ensured throughout the session.

Although you may feel some benefit from one session, a sustained change is only possible with regular sessions over a period of months.

The Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists

The Association was established in 1992 to maintain a high professional standard of work amongst its members, encourage research and provide information to the public about biodynamic massage.

Registered biodynamic massage therapists are required to be in supervision, commit to ongoing professional development and adhere to a code of professional ethics.

If you would like to read about Biodynamic massage in greater depth and find out more about the association please visit

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